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  1. I got taken off site. I put up a voluntary survey as a family and marriage counselor student. I’ve been doing research and can’t believe there is no narcissistic abuse syndrome studies going on. I put my email up and guaranteed confidentiality. Reading some of your rules now I get it.
    The problem is is that counselors need to be trained and aware of the characteristics of this abuse. I want to get feedback but in no way want to jeopardize confidentiality. So is there a way for them to answer these questions, send them directly to you, and I send them to me without email addresses. I would never ever even consider using their email or even recording it. However I respect your right to be wary. I just want to make a difference, give them a voice, and use it to help other couples counselors.
    So if you can relay a way to do this without infringing on anyone’s confidentiality please please let me know how I can do that. My responses will be numbered and I plan no correspondence through my email.
    There are hundreds of studies on narcissists and treatments even though narcissists rarely go to therapy unless dragged, and treatment is almost zero effective. I want to help the people, like me, who will be going to counselors and provide eventually a testing tool (THERE ARE NONE!) so when they go for counseling they are helped.
    So please respond.
    My email is
    I respect your wariness I just didn’t know how else to gather data. Please give me an alternative way and I will abide by it. This is an extremely important issue and I am still shocked it’s not a diagnosis, or even a “thing.” My phone is 317-458-0145. You can text or call but I even don’t pick up with unknown numbers.
    Thank you for your help.


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